Success Stories

Matthew Caine

Deutsche Bank

“My interactions with Steve for additional performance coaching have been enlightening from a professional and personal perspective.

Ultimately resulting in improved personal and team performance and better work life balance.”

Jess Kay

I had a few successful years, I had been in a great place physically and mentally but then last year I found myself feeling slightly different – perhaps less fulfilled. I was a bit frustrated with with the way things generally were – not in a terrible way but I just wanted to improve and I knew I wasn’t pushing myself to my capability. I was open to the idea of speaking to someone that could help me improve and Steve was introduced to me. When I decided to spend 2 days with Steve, expected I was going to get some powerful motivational speeches which I thought may help, but that’s not exactly what happened. The experience with Steve was so much richer than I had ever hoped for. We unearthed areas of my personality and ability that I hadn’t previously recognised. It was an enlightening experience and which has since made everything seem much clearer.

Paul Bate

Having been involved in “traditional” psychology for all my career, I had put in a huge amount of time and effort trying to get the results I was after using these “traditional” methods, but nothing ever had any noticeable impact. I met Stephen with an open mind, and he pointed me in a direction I honestly would never have found on my own. It has literally unlocked my ability, and all the results I was trying so hard to find have started to appear. I can’t recommend Stephens services highly enough.

Andy Priston


“Since starting the performance coaching with Steve my overall happiness in life has greatly improved. This happiness has obviously fed through to an improvement in my trading performances.

The approach that Steve takes is a completely new ideaology based on clear thinking and peace of mind. Being able to have a quiet mind in trading allows me to see through the fog and noise of the markets and enables me to hit every opportunity that arrises”.

James Dorrington

Banking Executive

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I agreed to a course of sessions with Steve, other than some of the obvious areas like stress management and optimising performance.

I expected techniques and structured approach; however I was fascinated to learn very quickly that the teachings are focused on personal well-being and the associated knock-on effects for professional performance.

It has taught me to that being able to keep our thought patterns clear and look to the positive in the future rather than dwell on negative events in the past will allow clear, new thought to emerge with which to tackle professional challenges.

I have felt stress levels decrease – and as a result my ability to deal with multiple and simultaneous problems and escalations has increased. The way in which I communicate both verbally and written has also changed beyond levels I realise I had in me.

I can’t thank Steve enough – my view of the world around me, both professional and personal have changed forever.

Ashley Wardle

Treasury Consultant

Steve bonds with people effortlessly, which in turn puts them at their ease.

He has a good mix of assertiveness (when needed), motivation (in terms of his upbeat manner) and is an inspiration. Steve can deliver feedback in a manner that is motivational even when it is food for thought about how to improve.

He is also an authentic person, which I found extremely refreshing.

Sessions with Steve are thought provoking, challenging and rewarding on both a personal and professional level. I urge you to use Steve – he is a true professional!”

Richard Bailey

Futures Trader

“Since working with Stephen I have gained a great understanding of how my mind works and how much influence my thoughts had on me.

As a result I am able to trade with a clear mind, giving much more control and lack of doubt; I now take far greater enjoyment in what I do and this impacts on all aspects of my life.

Furthermore more having a clear mind means improved focus so I get the most from every situation at work and at home. Thanks Stephen .”

Niall Maguire

Futures Trader

“Having been in this business for a number of years, and having success in various products, I always thought that the key to success lay in being adaptable to changes in the market, and ready to take advantage as new opportunities arose. I also thought that you were either personally equipped to do the job or not, that you either had the correct temperament and intelligence or not.

So when I started to experience ‘discipline issues’ as the market became more and more automated, the last thing I thought I needed was a performance coach as I didn’t see how someone could come from outside to coach me into to making the decisions that would lead to success again. It wasn’t until my discipline was becoming such a problem that I was beginning to question whether I should carry on in the business, that I decided to try Stephen, who had been recommended by a friend.

With initial scepticism I booked a meeting with Stephen, in which he explained that he wasn’t going to provide trading advice, but instead attempt to bring structure and clarity to my day that would enable me to make trading decisions in a calm and emotionless manner.

He explained that I would only get out as much as I was prepared to put in. In the space of a month my trading and performance was transformed. His simple exercises did bring structure and simplicity to my day, and with the increase in performance, more confidence and consistency.

After initially meeting once a week, the meetings have now became less frequent but the performance and consistency has remained. After initial scepticism, I now think Stephens input is as important as any other of my trading services. My advice would be not to see Stephens coaching as something to look into when things are going wrong, but as a way of furthering your trading, of taking it to the next level.”

Hitesh Parmar


“I must admit I was sceptical of seeing a coach at first but after several sessions I am more than satisfied with my decision to do so.

Being on the brink of quitting trading, I rediscovered how making small changes to my mindset can create greater awareness resulting in positive synergy effects to work and every day life in general Consultation with a performance coach can help you keep in check your sense of well being along the journey in achieving your goals.

I highly recommend it.”


I came to Stephen to try and improve my trading psychology so I could take my game to the next level. Little did I know, he was about to teach me how to be a better person and changed my life in a big way.

Steve’s approach was unique and showed me a much deeper and holistic way of looking at life and trading. He taught me how the mind works, which is something I’ve been able to share with many other people over the years.

I consciously and subconsciously still apply what Steve taught me about myself and the mind to this day. This year (2019), I have had my best months ever and having my best year ever.