I think people deserve to be at their best more often and an understanding of the mind and how it works allows that to happen

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There are not many careers that can offer such incredible highs and lows as Trading, often in the same day and sometimes in the same trade. I can speak from experience as I was fortunate enough to trade on both of the LIFFE trading floors and during that time worked for Goldman Sachs and also for myself. I then spent a number of years trading financial futures on the screens after the floor had closed.

I only wish I knew then, what I know now about my mind, how it works and the potential that resides within me. If I did, without question, my performance and therefore my P+L would have been so different. The toll taken by stress, worry, anxiety, ego and fear that I believed was part of the job, would also have been dramatically reduced.

I believe that the most important element in trading and one that is most overlooked is the psychology, state of mind and mental well-being of the trader. As my clients begin to learn and understand this, it becomes the most crucial variable in peak performance.

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